Selling a property is a demanding process. My goal is to make the client feel comfortable throughout the entire process and to sell/rent property for the highest possible price in the shortest possible time. I specialise in the sale and rental of flats and houses in Prague and Central Bohemia. I also provide consultation services on the purchasing of real estate.

My primary client target group are those who require a meticulous, personal approach based on professionalism and perfectly tailored services. My supplementary services are appreciated by customers who wish to have everything on a turnkey basis and who want me to take care of everything related to the smooth, problem-free sale or purchase of real estate. The key requirement for such customers is that they save time, money, and the fact that they can absolutely rely on the results of my work.

I provide premium services under the standard conditions on the real estate market:

    • Free non-binding consultation
    • I define a marketing plan for the sale or purchase of a property:
      • Recommendations on how to prepare a property for sale, from minor tuning to homestaging, which can increase the price of a property by up to 10%
      • Making pictures by a professional photographer or production of a video tour. I now offer a 3D virtual tour of the property. If required, I can also have images taken from a drone.
      • Production of 2D/3D floor plans of the property
      • Setting of sale price – when setting the price I base my calculations on non-public data and the price of real estate in the locality, while taking account of properties that are currently on the market
      • Definition of means and scope of advertising of the property (advertising websites, leaflets, posters, special website for the property, YouTube)

    Careful preparation, high-quality photography and video and a wide range of advertising make your property attractive to potential clients and significantly increase its profile. Adverts with video tours get up to 50% more clicks (source iDNES). Only about 1 in 10 adverts include a video tour.

    • I keep you continuously up to date with the status of your offer and, if necessary, suggest the reconfiguration of the terms of sale
    • I attend every viewing with the client in person and help to prepare the property before viewings
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  • I only charge clients for the above services if I am able to broker the sale of the property. If this is not the case, services are provided free of charge. 
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    • Provision of complete legal services associated with sale of the property (purchase agreement, mortgage deed, deposit of purchase price in escrow account, submission of agreement to Real Estate Cadastre Office)
    • Smooth financing of the property for the buyer with the aid of cooperating companies
    • Handover of property to the new owner
    • Transfer of energy and amenities to the new owner
    • Submission of return for tax on the acquisition of real estate
    • I offer the following supplementary services through tried-and-tested companies:
      • removals
      • clearance of properties
      • painting
      • disposal of rubble
      • renovation
      • services of an architect
      • inspection of the technical condition of the property
      • radon inspection 

    This is how I work. If you are interested, please call me at +420 602 100 722 or send me an e-mail to I look forward to meeting you!